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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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denver 7 news starts right now. >> and the oscar goes to. leonardo dicap. >> he finally did it. nearly a decade after he stole hearts, he's now walking away with an oscar. only took six nominations to get there. >> you are looking at some of the biggest moments in hollywood.
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rock, the big elephant in the room, dis-versety. and six people were rushed to the hospital after a crash at west bowls and pearce. the state patrol hasn't said what happened there. you can see damage after a car crashed right into an apartment complex at first and havana. we have jayson gruenauer joining us. >> reporter: good morning. as people are showing up to work, they are pretty surprised, one, to see us and then two to see this. this 4x8 piece of plywood is holding it in. this is kind of where the first floor become it is second floor. it didn't go far enough into actually tip up.
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we have some video to show you before they put that piece of plywood over here. the car had to come over a curb, from the parking lot and into this apartment here. no one was injured again luckily. we are at this nursing and rehabilitation facility. we're at about a away from third and havana. construction crews are going to come out this morning. they had to fix it up last night just to make sure that the structure was sound. two people currently are without their apartment. jayson gruenauer denver 7.
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jayson has his gloves on. some places it's 30s, others warmer. you can see some clouds that have develooed over i-25. there's going to be gusty winds to the front range. high fire danger near pueblo. here if denver wind speeds 15- 30 miles per hour. >> reporter: we have a couple of problems on the morning commute. we will start with the issues with the stop and go traffic. you can see it from 120th to 84th avenue. 270 is busy as well. we also have a report up to the north side of town that the train moo issue stopped here at highway 85, but just off of that we should see the
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this is on the east side of 225. take a look at the drive fourth apsouthbound. we'll-- northbound and southbound. friends and family of leonardo dicaprio held their breath last night. he finally won an oscar. and we want to talk about chris rock who didn't shy away from dis-versety at all. >> reporter: spotlight. >> a thoughtful film about a newspaper investigating sexual abuse by boston's catholic priest won best picture. >> if they nominated hosts it wouldn't even get this job. >> reporter: chris rock owned tonight addressing the academy's controversy right out
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>> policing black actors in parodies of several nominated films. >> hollywood is sororit racist, it's like, we like you rhonda, but you're not a kappa. >> reporter: leonardo dicaprio finally won. his acceptance speech a dire warning. >> climmte change is happening right now, it is the most species. >> reporter: the biggest upset
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mad max fury road had a six win oscar haul. as it winds down behind me. what moment stuck with viewers? dicaprio's generated 443,000 tweets per minute. the most ever. six minutes after 6:00. we have a recap of the biggest moments of the oscars. and how oprah winfrey reacted to being mistaken for whoopy goldberg. it's 6:06 now. we're learning and the woman who killed two motorcyclists. she crossed the line near frank town hitting two motorcycles. another motorcyclist from
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we look intoed her past and back in 2011 she shot and killed two men who broke into her home, but never faced charges because it fell under a make my day law. richard munn kidnapped a woman. guns taken from a sheriff's office evidence room and no one noted this for months apparently. we tracked down this exclusive story. dustin sanieser faces charges of burglary and embezzlement. he admitted to breaking into theeoffice and stealing the gun. to make this more troubling. he is the brother of the
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and he worked as the communication supervisor. >> it is heartbreaking, i can't say it more than that, it's absolutely heartbreaking. >> he tried to steal two guns from the sheriff's office there last month. the interview is on the denver 7 app. . aurora police are called out a grocery store after some guy walks up and he steals cash from girl scouts selling girl scout cookies. >> pretty pathetic. lindsey, big kudos to the officers who helped. >> reporter: a girl scout troop was at this grocery store selling cookies. this is the king supers.
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box that has all of their money in it. about $325. the police officers who responded new they had to help the girls out. not only did they buy some, they also made donations and put out and alert to all of the % pda officers that day to come on over and do the same. >> we want to make sure to do what we can. this instance we decided to donate money. we had about 20 officers to come up with their own money and donate it or buy a box of cookies. >> you can see the girls ended the day smiling posing with the officers who helped them. these are surveillance images of the suspect. the suspect is described a
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he was wearing a black hat and a white bandanna when this happened. if you have any information give the police a call. it's 6:09 taking a live look outside right now. gorgeous sunrise. it is leap day. a day that gets added to our calendar every four years. do we now how this all really came about. do we really need this? >> yeah, you guys remember the earth takes a little more than 365 and quarter days. some people say leap day should be a national holiday. the idea is that you are working an extra day.
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you don't get the extra pay. president obama probably won't be adding this to the list of national holidays any time soon. as jayson was talkinn about earlier. it's become a tradition for women to propose to men on february 29th. this goes back to the day when it was actually the law to propose to men. and a quarter of ladies said they would consider proposing to their man and thee out of five men said they would love it if their significant other got down on one knee. the question is of course who pays for the ring? the expensive engagement ring. as the father of the bride then who pays for the wedding? >> and you have daughters? >> yes, i have one. thanksfully just one. let me know. daughters are wonderful. >> hey, there's three in my
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my dad has three girls. >> oo. >> he's 97 and still work. >> yeah. >> reporter: first alert weather with a beautiful start to our day. upper 50s, low 60s.
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there were so many great lines, but one of the best was the little baby squid or octopus. they have done studies you know, 60% f the time it works every time. >> i am 16 going on 17, innocent as a rose.
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flying, dude. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> okay, ready? >> okay. >> that is so good. >> of all the movies in the universe, jayson picks nemo. >> you don't see pictures like the revenant. >> we have a beautiful day in store. lots of sunshine. you can see the full video on >> reporter: you can see some of the cloud cover overdowntown. winds 5-15 miles per hour. and the winds are going to pick up through the afternoon. broomfield right now 50- degrees. boulder 40.
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city park we're at 45. mountains. quite a bit colder out west, but look at some of our highs, eagle 48. denver, greeley, akron all at 60 this afternoon. anywhere from 58 to 62-degrees. partly sunny skies, a mix of sun clouds today. evergreen 52, same thing in deckers and in conifer. watch futurecast you will see with this storm rolling in its a weak system we will get a little snow both in the northern and central mountains. a few clouds that will graddally push east. the winds pick up. we don't get a lot of moisture, so bad ombination. high fire danger near the springs and pueblo. a few of these could clip pueblo, but here in town dry.
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tomorrow we're going to be in the low 50s. denver high of 53 on tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, upper 50s, low 60s. the first of march, saturday high of 65. >> reporter: some traffic trouble spots unfortunately, the first over at conviction and buckley. unfortunately it's going to be a big problem. this is from air tracker 7. this is north and southbound on buckley. one lane is open eastbound and westbound on quincy. ttat's what's closed down. the intersection is completely shut down was what was told but that's not the case. there's the northbound side of buckley, you can obviously see
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southbound, but the other intersection is open. i-25 is rock solid. that was just from an accident on alameda and sixth. . the death toll from back- to-back bombings has arisen to 73 now in baghdad. isis has claimed responsibility. at least 112 other people were hurt. 5k k.k. k. members were staging and -- three people were stabbed, one are still in the hospital. police reviewed video showing they acted in self-ddfense. tomorrow colorado's one of 13 states in the spotlight for
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caucuses will work a little differently for republicans so meaning delegates will not formally decide until the convention. results are binding for the democrats. senator bernie sanders hosted a rally last night. hillary clinton made stops in tennessee and arkansas. even though she wasn't here in our state. she did pick up annendorsement from robin hickenlooper. >> she is going to be a great leader for this country and it is inspirational for me to see anyone female or male that is so ready for job.
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donald trump over his other candidates. jeff sessions of alabama endorsed him. >> i don't believe i've never met david duke, i don't believive ever met himmand i just don't know anything about him. all this morning we are
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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and the oscar goes to leonardoodicaprio. one of the biggest moments of tonight. he finally wins an oscar. he speaks about climate change. look at how happy kate winslet looks. they stayed very close friends ever since the tie ta nick. you can see them there on the red carpet. she said she couldn't miss the chance to see her favorite friend win an oscar. >> reporter: all right. oscar fashion. this is kind of fun for me.
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you can't even tell she's pregnant there. >> yeah, a little. >> rachel macadams. >> and rachel blunt. she's in the nice pink dress. >> another one doing the sideways profile. `> jennifer lawrence. >> she looks gorgeous as well. you can find a lot of pictures on the denver but now to jayson. >> reporter: this is the southbound side just after sixth avenue. you can see this truck almost went up aad over into the south platte river. there'ssdenver police you can see the skid marks on southbound i-225. i think this tree probably saved this driver from going into the south platte.
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good monday morning. this is a live look over sixth and alameda on i-225. >> reporter: jayson, what can you tell us? >> reporter: it is hard to see, but i want you to alert your attention right here. see that truck? that's actually a truck right next to that tree. you can see the skid marks going off the southbound i-225. you can see the skid marks right here hits the wall up over the wall and then almost went into the river. if it weren't for that tree, that truck would have beennin the river, so it's actually welcome news that that truck river. the driver apparently got out. the denver fire department came, checked eveeythinggout and left pretty quickly afterward, so it leads me to believe that that driver is
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we don't know if there were any passengers in that vehicle, but obviously a very scary situation. one lane is closed. and obviously it's a looky lou situation. >> reporter: first alert weather with a beautiful but very bright start to our day. here is a live look just north of fort morgan. cover. wind speeds 5-15 miles per hour. it will get gustier, a little snow the mountaans, but high of 60. it's a pretty warm start to march. we'll look at it coming up. >> what can you say accept i am
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i really am. >> leonardo dicaprio very thankful. >> 140,000 tweets per minute. spotlight took home the best film award. >> chris rock really owned tonight addressing the catted my's dis-versety controversy. he placed black actors in parody. >> hollywood is sorority racist, it's like we like you ron darks but you're not a kappa. >> the best actress as predicted went to room's brie larson. the supporting actor was the biggest upset.
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mad max fury road took home the most oscars offany film last night. -`six of them they got. >> they were all back-to-back. amazing. it is 6:33. this is a wreck at west bulls avenue and pearce at littleton. >> we are told the van was the only vehicle involved in t.6 people were in that van taken to the hospital. troopers are still trying to figure out what happened there. and in aurora police are investigating absolutely accident. a driver hit. -- these near first and havana. jayson gruenauer joins us. >> reporter: we''e in this parking lot where the drivers have pulled up and come into work today. late last night one of the
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over into that apartment. the plywood is covering up the home. peaces still laying here. the-- aurora fire had to come out here. there was a car. you can actually see into the apartment buildingg it's below grounds like one of the first floor. it's half a basement. you could actually see despite. it. two people were displaced. they had to come out. the construction crews had to make sure it is structurally sounds. back out here. this is all that's left. a whole bunch of dry wall and a whole bunch of a mess. nobody was hurt, but the other
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that supplies the power to both the nursing facility and this apartment complex. we're not sure where it came through. that's only a goods two or 3 feet.
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here. we want to show you these surveillance videos of the suspect, the guy accused of
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he is a black man, thought to be about 17 to 20 years old. if you want to share the stories of the officer's kindness. head over to our website. lindsey watts, denver 7. >> reporter: a crash on i-25 on 6th avenue. look at that truck. slid over the wall into the tree and almost into the south platte river.
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all that's left is a denver police officer blocking the right lane. you can see from the cdot camera the right lane is still blocked off. they going to have to find a way to -- lisa is going to take some time to get cleaned up. >> reporter: normal high is 50. we have already been in the upper 40s.
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building in the foothills. winds today 15-30 miles per hour. we will see a few more gusts up in in the foothills. we want to give you a live look now from air tracker seven.
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continue to follow the breaking news of a work truck that almost went into the south platte river. hit the wall, jumped the barrier and hit the tree. if it wasn't for that tree, that truck would be in the %- river. they do have tow trucks on the scene trying to et it up and over the wall. it is causing a huge traffic jam on i-25 and 6th avenue. i want you to reach into your millionaire pockets and
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scout cookies. are you going to deny my princesses some cookies. >> chris rock having a big night. although he couldn't quite top ellen. >> we have more of the oscar highlights coming all morning loog and. so this is pretty cool. a uc grad almost won an oscar. he helped write the screenplay for the martian. >> hannah atkinson our special olympics had a great day yesterday at copper mountain. hannah won a silver medal in the slowly lum and a bronze in
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>> we went to the polar plunge weekend. we want to thank everyone who plunge. it was our morning show versus tonight side crew. we we con. together we raised nearly it was fun but it was a lot colder than i thought. -`>> i asked the firefighters. they said it was about 36- degrees. it felt it. >> oh, that water at the bomb. >> i jumped up in my suit and my pockets filled up with water. >> when you got out of the water that cold just stuck to you. >> she came in 1 day and said hey, everybody we're going to the zoo. >> it was a beautiful day.
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cleared and it's going to be a very warm end of february. our winds are going to pick up this afternoon. we have 50s and 60s all weeklong. tomorrow the start of march is going to be a very warm start to the month. wind speeds about 10-20 miles per hour. bertha past 40 to 50 miles per hour gusts. there's a weak storm that's going to roll through and will bring some windier conditions in town. right now 42 in denver. we have a windchill of 35 in denver. a partly sunny day today. look at some of these current temperatures. 51 city park. the airport 42. 20s and 30s off to our west. durango, 27.
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all of eastern colorado. 30s and 40s for the mountains. aurora 61, castle rock, 58. temperatures are about 10- degrees above normal. you can see some of the cloud cover over i-25 right now. as the day goes on we're going to see a few showers potentially clipping north eastern colorado. we will pick up a few inches in the northern and central mountains. i think denver is going to stay pretty dry. we will get some cloud cover, maybe a few aspirin coms. better chance up east as heading up to 76 into nebraska. overnight. skies will clear, more sunshine tomorrow and a very mild week. highs today near 60. tomorrow 53. so it's a little cooler but more sunshine again through the end of the week. 62 thursday, 60 on friday, even
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i put the bright spot there. >> reporter: and a wild scene on sixth avenue and alameda. the southbound side of i-25. you can see the work truck hanging right there by the tree. if it wasn't for that tree, it would have gone into the river. and darryl orr is taking a look at the process. that is going to be quite the process to do that, darryl. >> reporter: yeah, you're right that tree literally stopped him from going about another 15 feet down into the river. i tell you what, this guy's boss is morning is probably scratching his head wondering how this happened. i don't elieve there was too much of a serious injury on
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you can see it everybody rubber necking and scratching their heads too. you can see the tow truck driver climbing uppand down the wall and they are trying to figure out how to get this guy back over the wall. that's about 2-foot section they're trying to get this guy over. not to mention some of the front end where you can see the headlight is tangled up in that tree. we'll keep an eye on this. >> the walls are usually designed to bounce traffic back and that's not what happened. you can see traffic is backed up solidly. most of the heavy traffic is across downtown and another 22 minutes down to the denver tech center. we still have the situation at quincy and buckley.
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and westbound quincy you can use roads like hampden or smoky hill. >> well get you caught up with the latest. a man runs off with hundreds of dollars of girl scout money. but has a happy ending though.
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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it is 6:53. breaking news overnight six people are in the hospital after a van flips in littleton at west bowls and pearce. happened. >> just as our crews rushed to that seen. another one in aurora. this is near first and havana. >> reporter: i just spoke to the person who lives in this apartment. he said he was home last night with his daughter when the car came through this parking lot over this concrete barrier through a fends and right into the side -- fence and right into his apartment. he had a china cabinet on this wall and he said it sent objects flying to the other side of his apartment.
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wall, screws and bicks. the inside of the wall is bowed. he is waiting for the landlord and owner of the building to come out. despite the fact the two people were displaced, no one was hurt. more breaking news across downtown. this is the southbound side of i-25. you can see the work truck and the barrier, it almoss went into the south platte river. darryl orr is across the river looking at it from that vantage point. darryl, they are still trying to get it cleaned up. >> reporter: yeah, i'm sure this driver is going to want to do some extra laundry today. that tree stopped him from going in that river. he is going to be real thankful
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we are watching the traffic slowing down there and a lot of it has to do with the runner necking and the police do have the outer lane side closed for your safety, so we will see how he gets this out. >> reporter: at least a half our from the north side. and wadswooth 25 minutes just to get to south 25. athink da munoz hit two motorcyclists. she is facing dui charges. lisa for the first alert weather.
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pretty start to our day. this is our next storm. it is going to be a weak system. it will bring a few light showers to part of north eastern part of colorado, but pretty die along i-25. in fact dry and windy enough danger. tomorrow low to mid 50s. gorgeous through the end of the week. jayson, thursday, friday in the low 60s. even warmer on saturday. >> reporter: this next story may make you loose faith in humanityyat least initially. a group of girl scouts were selling cookies, and then a person stole the box of money with almost $325 in it. 3
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police officers responding gathered together and with other officers to donate and buy cookies. here is a surveillance video, if you recognize the man, call police. i want to show you the bad traffic downtown from the truck i just showed you on sixth avenue. not only affecting sixth avenue butwadsworth. then we have to deal with with
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good morning, america. chris rock stealing the spotlight at the oscars. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> facing the diversity backlash head on. >> you're damn right hollywood's racist. >> leonardo dicaprio finally breaking through with a win. >> i do not take tonight for granted. >> lady gaga with a show-stopping performance. happens to you happens to you happens to you >> the moment that brought everyone to their feet. a rock star reception for


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